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Residential/Commercial/Industrial  Building Plans

Site plans:
o Plans shall demonstrate compliance with performance standards
o Site dimensions, area of land and north point (preferably on the basis
of a re-establishment survey);
o Adjoining streets, boundaries and buildings;
o Location and uses of all buildings on the site and on adjoining lands;
o Location, height and species of existing and street trees;
o Existing and finished contours to AHD (in particular highlighting areas
and extent of cut and/or fill - where cut and /or fill will exceed 1 m, a
geotechnical report is required);
o Setbacks and buildings lines;
o Number and dimensions of car parking areas and driveways;
o Site plan including turning circle movement for 85th percentile vehicle
is required for buildings of BCA classes 2 to 9 and multi-dwelling
o Location and type of waste disposal facilities;
o Location of watercourses, depressions, easements, right of ways,
power poles, substations, manholes, footpaths and road crossings on
or near the land;

o Location and capacity of drains, detention basins, sediment and
pollution traps; and
o Buildings and trees proposed for removal/demolition.

Building plans:
o Internal layout of proposed buildings showing the use of all rooms/areas
o Roof plans
o Elevations (with the street elevation(s) also including immediately adjoining buildings)
o Cross sectional elevation including natural and finished​

Concept Landscape plans

(minimum scale 1:100)
o Trees to be retained and removed (including species of any proposed
for removal)
o Material of all paved and hard standing areas
o Landscaping approach (canopy trees, shrubs, ground covers,
grassed areas)
o Height and type of construction of fences.

Note: Plans of buildings should generally be at 1:100; with other plans generally
at 1:200 or 1:500.

Detailed landscaping plans would be required
following any approval from Council. These would need to show full details of species, planting methods etc.

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