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Statement of Environmental effects

This Statement describes, among other things:

             (LEP- Local Environmental Plan             DCP Development Control Plan)

· What the development is,

and (mainly for commercial or industrial development) how it would operate (number of employees, hours of operation, traffic movements and deliveries, processes carried out, wastes generated, waste disposal);

What the potential impacts of the development are (these could include noise, vibration, traffic, odour , light-spill, wastes generated, storm water runoff);

What risks there are to the development from natural site conditions (e.g. geotechnical conditions, flooding, bushfire)

and human caused hazards(e.g. storage of dangerous materials);

How the development takes these matters into account and mitigates any adverse environmental effects on the site or in the locality;


 A review of the proposal against the statutory controls within the LEP and also against the controls within the DCP.

Any variation to the acceptable solutions within the DCP needs to be justified showing how the performance outcomes and objectives of the DCP are being achieved.

Supporting photos, models, photomontages and the like may be helpful for large scale developments, in particular.

Essential Services – Fire Safety

(required for buildings under the BCA of
classes 2 to 9 inclusive.

Geo-technical Study (sub contract)

Soil Classifications

(where land is inherently unstable, has been filled, is on slopes above 15%, or where substantial cut and fill is required).

Waste Water Management Study (sub contract)

Soil test/report for on site waste water management

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